Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jumping the broom

debuting at number 3 for the weekend of may 6, 2011, t.d. jakes' movie project entitled "jumping the broom" was an excellent portrayal of the african-american culture and weddings.

it's a story of "downtown" meets "uptown" that also provides a plethora of sub-story lines to keep the plot thick and entertaining. the movie carries the title of an african american tradition of "jumping the broom," which is explained from a historical standpoint during the movie.

today, broom jumping is done as a reminder of those who, during slavery, could not legally marry. jumping over a broom symbolizes the sweeping away of the old and welcoming the new - it's a symbol of new beginnings!

if you would like to incorporate the jumping of a broom into your ceremony, we'd love to help you incorporate any of the following ideas in your day:

- have a container of colorful ribbon pieces near your guest book (at either the ceremony or reception), with the broom, and allow guests to tie ribbons around the broom prior to the ceremony's start. this is a wonderful way to include your guests in this tradition of community involvement.

- as an addition to the previous guests, you can also allow guests to write their name and/or wishes on the ribbon prior to tying to the broom. this way, you are jumping into your new life with the support and well-wishes of those who love you.

- have someone special carry the broom into the ceremony. at the conclusion of the ceremony, just before the recessional have them place the broom in front of the bride and groom. they can then retrieve the broom once it has been jumped.

looking for other ways to incorporate the jumping of a broom, or other cultural rituals - coin and/or lasso ritual, henna ritual, mendi celebration, or others? contact us and we'll help you get started!

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