Monday, January 3, 2011

he put a ring on it, now what?

you're engaged! congratulations! whether it was a Christmas holiday proposal or a New Year's celebration you'll never forget... i'm sure you're anxious to begin the process of planning the biggest day of your life!

there are a few items on your very large to-do list that are absolute musts... things that must take priority over other tasks. what do you think the most important task is? some sources may say it is selecting the perfect venue. others may argue it's grabbing your mom and bff and heading to the nearest bridal salon for gown hunting. you may even think the first thing on your to-do list is to set a date. all of theses are great places to start. however, why not take a moment and ENJOY this season in your life? even if you have an engagement that's longer than average, it's still a brief season in your life before you make that commitment. take some time to smell the roses and soak it all in BEFORE you set a date, set appointments, meet with vendors, or select bridesmaid dressed.

i hear you loud and clear: "if i don't get a jump on things, my favorite vendors may book up, or i will lose my reception space." trust me when I tell you, what is for you is for you. no rush needed!

once you have taken the time to processed enjoy, then you can start the planning process. it will go fast and so will your wedding day. smile and show off the bling... and when you're ready to start planning you'll know. and when you're ready, check back with our blog for planning details.

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cakinney1 said...

I would marry a monkey to get that ring!!! Real Talk