Friday, January 7, 2011

picking a reception venue

one of the very first things you want to do is book your venues - ceremony and reception. do your research. get reviews, make sure it works with your budget and guest list, and visit the location personally - don't rely on the Internet and venue supplied photographs. if you're working with a professional event planner they will also be able to assist you with recommendations. professional planners also aware of which venues are most accommodating and usually can help you get extra perks because they've established a relationship.

does it fit the uniqueness of you? in selecting a space for your celebration, it's important to select a venue that has you and your bethrothed's name all over it. if you've got a thing for antique cars, why not look into a local automobile museum? love the outdoors, then try the botanical gardens, a local park or even the zoo. did you go star-gazing on your first date, or the night he proposed? why not celebrate at the local planetarium or science center. whatever the location, don't feel obligated to host your guests in a hotel ballroom or country club. first and foremost, select a location that will stand out to your guests, and match your "couple identity".

consider the space - once you've selected a location there are a few things you want to ask yourself: is there enough room for your guests to be comfortable, seated, eat, dance? does this location match my budget requirements? is there room to have the ceremony on-site, if desired? if the ceremony is at a different location, is the travel time and distance reasonable for guests? will you need to budget additional funds for decor, such as flowers, lighting, premium linens, chair covers, etc.? or are luxury items, i.e., chivari chairs and premium linens available on-site? is there unique beauty

money, money, money - how much is the deposit? when is the balance due? what's the cancellation fee? when you start shelling out funds for the reception, make sure you're not taken advantage of. most venues require a deposit to hold the date. make sure the deposit, if not refundable, is applied against your total balance.

these tips will help you get started. contact us for personalized assistance in selecting your perfect venue...

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