Saturday, February 12, 2011

bride beware

most of the articles and advice you'll come across as a bride are happy-go-lucky. as well they should be, this is one of the most exciting and happy times of your life. however, it's important that in the excitement you're not taken for a ride. let's share some of the most common ways brides, and others planning social events, can be "scammed"

band. with the technology available today, it is very easy and common for bands to provide potential clients with demos (recording samples). however, it is also possible for the recording to be either altered, or it can involve voices not the same as those hired. j. marie's advice: audition bands in person rather than relying upon a demo.

photos. when you go to interview a photography studio, often times you'll be shown photographs from their best and veteran photographers. unfortunately, it's not unlikely that samples you are shown are done by a photographer different from the one that will show up on at your event. j. marie's advice: get the photography studio to confirm the actual photographer that will shoot your special day. be sure to see samples of his/her work, and interview him/her work as well.

gowns. beware of missing labels or label switching. some shops either switch labels on gowns (placing a designer label on a cheaper gown) or remove labels (to prevent you from being able to identify the gown and shop elsewhere). j. marie's advice: walk out! if you notice a bridal shop engaging in such practices, odds are they're not a reputable place of business.

we could go on, and on... but basically it's this simple: use common sense, and you get what you pay for. one of the easier ways to avoid being scammed by any venue or vendors is to contact an experienced and reputable event planner. we'd be happy to assist you in securing vendors.

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