Wednesday, February 16, 2011

why we're not "inexpensive"

there's an entrepreneurial spirit that's living strong in our country - that's part of what makes America so wonderful. howevever, many often jump into new careers prematurely. in the day and age where many brides, after enjoying their own wedding day, determine they are indeed fit to become an event planner for others. while some are actually skilled, many may not have what it takes to really be an asset to the event planning community and the clients it serves. believe it or not, it takes more than "being a bride" to know what you're doing...

so with event planners popping up every five minutes, you're sure to come across several that are willing to offer full planning event services for $300-$500. now, we all have to start somewhere. and thankfully, i'm still employed full-time, so i was able to work for low prices as i started out to gain experience and enjoy my passion. we no longer can offer packages at such low rates, because we've now have over 9 years of experience! not only do clients benefit from our vendor and venue database, but from our proven tips and tricks, experiences and know-how.

our full service packages can entail a minimum of 40 hours... even at $500, that's only $12.50 per hour. even if we worked an equivalent of 40 hours for 52 weeks, that's $26,500 per year. our clients make more than that! we've got to charge more because we've got expenses to carry... website, printing, marketing, etc. in addition, to being paid for our experience and time.

many brides try to cut corners. and for that, we understand and applaud them. we believe the marriage is indeed more important than the wedding. we'd rather have couples who remain happy (and happy partly because they're not arguing about how broke the wedding has made them!). we have a number of ways to help you keep your wedding day within your budget. however, some vendors - you want quality! remember, the same holds true with event planners: you get what you pay for.

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